15 ago. 2011

Inlove with Pretense

There was once a boy who was in love with a bunny. After weeks of thinking the boy decided to become a bunny in order to make the bunny who was in love with fall in love with him. In the forest he lived ,there wheren't wizards nor witches he had not whom to ask for help to become a bunny too, so he had to create a plan that could  make believe the bunny and all the woods that he magicly became a bunny, he sewed a pair of ears and later that day he fooled everyone, that boy did not care to leave behind his life or continue being who he was, he chose to stop being who was to be happy loving someone. After his lie he began to look for the bunny to talk to her... but she was never found and as time passed in the woods the ears he was wearing became older so he had to continue sewing new ones so no one could notice he was lying, so he went looking for the bunny for years... until one day after walking in the woods he came upon a little cabin far at the top of a mountain after taking a look he finally found the bunny ... or what he thought she was, she was now a girl and had no ears, soon he realized that rabbit he was always in love with was really someone who only pretended. 

by Charbel Vanille